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Letter for July 20, 2014
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time



Dear Friends,

I would like to begin by telling you a story:
A man was suffering from a serious attack of appendicitis.
He hated going to the doctor, but his wife would not let him
suffer. Finally she got him to a doctor who arranged for an
operation. Still in pain and still protesting the idea of an
operation, he said to the doctor, “When God gave people an
appendix, there must have been a reason for putting it in our
bodies.” “Oh, there was, “ said the doctor. “God gave you
that appendix so I could put my children through college.”

We, who are people of faith, believe that God has a reason
for everything, even if that reason is not obvious. Sometimes
people can’t figure out God’s plans. They give up trying
to understand and decide either God doesn’t have any
plans, or God doesn’t have any control, or they simply decide
there is no God. Most atheists have come to the belief
that there is no God because of the problem of evil in the
world. Their argument is, if there is a good God then God
would not allow all the evil we see. He would stop it, but
since there is so much evil, there must not be a good God.
Their argument ignores all the good things we see in our
world, which far outweigh the evil.

Our first reading from the Book of Wisdom and Jesus’
parable of the wheat and the weeds gives us one way to help
us understand the problem of evil. It is that God is patient
while waiting and urging the evil doers to change their ways.
We’ve all gotten impatient with God at times, thinking God
is too patient. In the end, aren’t we grateful that God is patient
for we’re all sinners, and we have all failed at times.
We all try to be the good element (the wheat) in God’s kingdom.
Otherwise we wouldn’t be here today. In the course
of our lives, if we’re honest, we know we haven’t been perfect
all the time. Thankfully, God is patient and God is merciful.

Of other things:

We welcome all of our 4 year olds through 5th graders and
the many volunteers of all ages, for our “Kids for Christ”
Vacation Bible School this week. Many thanks to all who
stepped up to the plate to help this year and a special thanks
to Tara Snyder and Anne Schlosser who co-chair it.

Hope and pray you all have a blessed week.

Love in Christ,
Fr. Dave

P.S. Only 11 days to the FUNFest!



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