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Letter for April 20, 2014
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord



Dear friends,

Happy Easter everyone. Jesus Christ is Risen Today.
Alleluia! Our triumphant Holy Day!! This is the day the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad!

Today there is no room for sadness in our hearts, for today our God has conquered the chains of sin and death. We too, will resurrect from the dead if we believe in Him, live for Him, trust in Him. Today’s feast is truly the feast of hope. What looked like the ultimate failure on Good Friday, is now our ultimate hope and victory on Easter Sunday. May I leave you with this beautiful meditation on hope by Fr. James Keller, the founder of the Christophers.

Hope looks for the good in people
instead of harping on the worst.
Hope opens doors where despair closes them.
Hope discovers what can be done
instead of grumbling about what cannot.
Hope draws its power from a deep trust in God
and the basic goodness of human nature.
Hope “lights a candle”
instead of “cursing the darkness”.
Hope regards problems, small or large,
as opportunities.
Hope cherishes no illusions,
nor does it yield to cynicism.
Hope sets big goals and is not frustrated
by repeated difficulties or setbacks.
Hope pushes ahead when it would be easy to quit.
Hope puts up with modest gains, realizing that
“the longest journey starts with one step”.
Hope accepts misunderstandings as the price
for serving the greater good of others.
Hope is a good loser because
it has the divine assurance of final victory.

On behalf of Father Joe, Deacon Bob, the entire parish staff and myself, to you and your families, a Blessed Easter,

Father Dave


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