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Letter for March 1, 2015
2nd Sunday of Lent



Dear Friends,

In today’s Gospel we hear the familiar story of “The Transfiguration”;
Jesus, taking Peter, James and John up Mount
Tabor and there He is transfigured before their eyes. They
catch a glimpse of Jesus in His glory, in His divinity and
there, St. Peter says “How good it is, Lord, for us to be here.
Let’s pitch three tents, one for You, one for Moses and one
for Elijah.” Jesus says, “No, we can’t stay here on this
mountain. We must come down the mountain and walk into
the valleys.”

Why this Gospel on the 2nd. Sunday of Lent? Wouldn’t
this be more appropriate as an Easter Gospel? We know this
glimpse of Jesus’ divinity helped prepare them for the scandal
of the cross. Our experience of Jesus, this Lent, our discipline
of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, our experiencing
Jesus in His word and sacraments, helps to give us the spiritual
shot in the arm we need to live our faith in the valleys of
our lives, the daily struggles to say “no” to temptations, to
say “yes” to the Commandments of love, to live our daily
duties. May we, this Lent, be transfigured (not so much on
the waistline; although I’d appreciate a few inches lost), but
be transfigured more into the mind, heart and will of Christ.

The only way we can do that is, obviously, to spend time
with Him! Here, at Queen of Heaven, we have our own
Mount Tabor to experience Jesus in a deeper way; “Our Perpetual
Adoration Chapel”. Have you made a commitment to
spend an hour with Him each week? Our goal is that every
parishioner would be committed to a specific hour each
week, so that all 168 hours would be covered and that there
would be no gaps in the “Perpetual”. Please take a minute to
check out the Schedule of Adorers board in the Gathering
Space, and if you haven’t already pledged an hour, simply
pencil your name (first name, and last name initial) in a box
that is empty. Know, time spent with Him is well spent!

God Bless your day!
Father Dave



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